Vinny Ganley shares his Grow Wild milestones

Despite a recent change in career for Mr Ganley, Vinny has been with Grow Wild from the very beginning of the programme.  He kindly shares with us come of his candid moments with the Grow Wild programme.

What is your favourite time of the year in the Grow Wild Programme?
It’s clear to me that it’s the Summer time.  I love seeing everyone’s hard work throughout the year sowing and growing finally come to fruition.  We get some stunning imagery sent to us and to see the colour it brings to the sites really is a joy.  This year was particularly special due to the spectacular amount of wild flowers at the England flagship sites around Everton Park and Princess Parkway.
Pillbox event

We know you don’t have favourites, but are there any stand out community project your particularly fond of?
I’m particularly fond of projects that have themes of spreading the word of wildflowers around different groups in the community.  So for instance, Power of the Flower in Lymington in the south of the country have taken wild flowers into hospitals, schools and parks.  They tweet around 3 images a day of the wild flowers.  It’s great to see their efforts affecting so many people in such a positive way.  
Sowing on site

What’s next for the England Flagship?
I’ll be really interested to see the follow up of the England Flagship. The flowers will be bigger and brighter next year.  It will also be even more culturally based involving all sorts of youth and community groups.  I think this years’ events have left behind a real legacy and I only hope that it continues for everyone involved. 

What is your favourite wild flower?
It’s probably always going to be Cornflower.  They always pop up and it’s just this wonderful spot of blue amongst everything else. It’s a great pollinator too.  My alternative would be Vipers Bugloss because it throws up a huge throng of wild flower when in bloom.  It may one day be in the Grow Wild mix.

I heard you have some interesting hobbies, do share! 
Well actually, in direct relation to work, I live on the coast and I love sprawling coastal native species.  Earlier in the year I created a little exhibition garden using the coastal natives and took it to the Chelsea Fringe Festival.


All the plants now live in my front garden and I often get comments from intrigued locals walking past.  Thrift is my favourite coastal native.  It has a lovely grassy base with flowers that shoot up with a white or pink head.

Also, I am a football fan, I support Wolves and hasten to add it is only because I was born there!  I also love cycling but sometimes find it difficult living on the coast, it’s a constant battle against the elements.

What’s your career plan B?
I would have loved to have been a professional cyclist.  I was heavily involved in the sport whilst growing up and at the age of 15, I won a bronze medal in the West Midlands Championship 200m!   

We wish Vinny all the very best for the future and he will be sorely missed at Grow Wild HQ and across the whole of the Grow Wild programme. 

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