Fungus educational resources

Grow Wild has been working alongside the British Mycological Society to create some fun and informative resources all about the mysterious kingdom of fungi.

Suitable for a range of ages and group sizes these resources will not only teach you about the lifecycle of a fungus, but will explain why fungi are so important for our planet, how they could help solve environmental issues, and even how we depend on fungi for lots of our favourite foods (many more than you might expect).

Click the headings below to download the PDFs for free:

PDF icon What are fungi and why are they important

A great place to start to learn more about fungi.

This resource is great for learning about:

  • How fungi grow and reproduce
  • How fungi help the ecosystem
  • Why fungi are important for the planet
  • How fungi impact our day to day lives
PDF icon Let's be fungi! Group Activity

A fun interactive learning activity for a group of four or more, featuring glitter!

This resource is great for learning about:

  • More detail on the lifecycle of fungi
  • Mycelium and its function
  • How fungi get food
  • Why fungi are important recyclers in the ecosystem
PDF icon Five ways fungi have shaped the world

An easily digestible introduction to how fungi and plants create important partnerships with plants. Get ready for amazing and surprising facts.

This resource is great for learning about:

  • How fungi and plants depend on each other to live  
  • How fungi help to clean up the planet 
  • The ways fungi can help the environment
  • How fungi is used in important medicines
PDF icon Fungi and our food

Learn all about how fungi is used in lots of everyday foods, with Grow Wild’s very own fungi people!

This resource is great for learning about:

  • Which everyday foods are made using fungi
  • The different types of fungi that go into food production
  • How fungi is used in fermentation and which foods use this process
  • What makes mushrooms such a nutritious food

We hope you have lots of fun learning about fungi! Don’t forget to share your pictures and stories with us.

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Find more resources and information from the British Mycological Society on their website.