London Grows Wild Together

Bathtub planted with wildflowers
We're looking for five London groups to create exciting city space transformations with a £1000 grant from Grow Wild. 

Are you part of a London based community, youth or voluntary group? Has your group got a project idea to help connect local city dwellers with the natural world? Do you know an urban space that would be ideal for a transformation?

If the answer is yes - apply for a community project grant from Grow Wild and bring your group's ideas to life.  You'll be helping us on our mission to bring people together to value and enjoy UK native plants
and fungi.

Application deadline: 10am on Monday 12th April 2021.

What’s it all about?

In the UK we’re lucky to have a wonderful variety of native plant and fungi species. Not only do they bring colour and interest to our lives, they provide vital food sources and shelter for our insects, birds and other wildlife.  

Despite being rewarding to grow and experience, unfortunately many of our UK native plant and fungi species are in decline, particularly in more urban areas.

Over the last 12 months due to the pandemic, many people’s sense of connection to others has been hugely impacted. For some people, particularly those in cities, access to nature has been more difficult, too.

It’s our hope that these five London projects will not only share the wonder of our UK native plants and fungi, but also help to bring a sense of connection, collaboration and optimism to groups that take part and the people they reach.

Reception at 70 St. Mary Axe
Celebratory exhibition

Grow Wild will bring together images and stories from all five successful projects at a celebratory exhibition.

Where: This will be held at 70 St Mary Axe, an amazing skyscraper in the heart of the City of London.

When: The exhibition will be held at the end of the summer and run for two weeks. Stay tuned for more announcements on the final dates.

Poppies and cornflowers
Successful groups will receive…
  • A grant of £1000 to bring their project ideas to life.
  • A Grow Wild seed kit, containing UK native wildflower seeds and lots of advice, to help kickstart their project activity.
  • Opportunities to connect and share experiences with the other successful groups.
  • An invitation to join a summer visit to Wakehurst, Kew’s wild botanic garden in Sussex, hosted by Grow Wild.
  • Representatives from each group will be invited to attend a launch event, kicking off the celebratory exhibition at 70 St Mary Axe.
Girls creating willow art
What are we looking for?
  • Projects that focus on UK native wildflowers, plants and/or fungi, either through planting or as inspiration. Helping other people understand the importance of these native species for the environment and our lives.  
  • Projects that will transform a space or place.
  • Projects that have the potential to reach at least 300 people.
  • Projects that will work with one or more of Grow Wild’s target audiences:  
    - Young people aged 12-25
    - People experiencing some disadvantage or reduced access to services
    - People who are less engaged with others in their local community
    - People who face barriers to connecting with nature
    - People with disabilities or additional needs

  • Projects planning something new, e.g. a new, unlikely location, new group of people or creative way to engage your audience.
Two people working in a community garden
Who can apply?

We can award grants to a variety of non-profit and voluntary groups such as community groups, youth clubs, resident and neighbourhood associations.

In order to be eligible, groups and the projects they plan to deliver need to be located within Greater London.

Please check our eligibility page, to make sure your group is eligible before getting started on your application.

Wildflower street art
Thinking up your project idea…

Once you have checked if you are eligible, get chatting with the other members of your group, to plan your idea.

We’re keen to welcome a wide variety of different project ideas, so we encourage you to be really creative. There are just a few things we need every project to do, so before you start planning, please read our guidance for applicants carefully, this gives you all the details.

  • Is there a small space near you that’s crying out for a transformation?
  • Maybe you already have a thriving community garden or nature space, but you’d like to try something new, to celebrate UK native species?
  • Is there a blank wall in your neighbourhood that you’d love to bring to life with some wildflower or fungi inspired artwork?
  • Do you have an innovative idea, to bring the natural world to your neighbours' front doors?

Note: Projects will be able to start in May and must be completed by the end of September 2021.

Boys playing music
How to apply...

Step 1 – Check your group is eligible and read our guidance for applicants.

 Step 2  - Get chatting and innovating with your group, to come up with your winning idea.

Step 3 -  Prepare your ‘elevator pitch’, a 3 minute video, telling us what you want to do and how you’ll do it.

Step 4 – Complete and submit our short application form by 10am on Monday 12th April 2021

Once the deadline has closed, we’ll create a shortlist of the project ideas that have most impressed us. If this includes your idea, we’ll then ask you for a bit more detail about your plans. Our panel of experts will then choose the successful five projects.

Good luck!

More about us...

Grow Wild is the national outreach learning initiative of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Grow Wild is supported by 70 St Mary Axe to bring people together to value and enjoy UK native plants and fungi.