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Grow Wild awards funding of £500 each to 14-25-year-olds for creative projects that engage people the importance of UK native plants and fungi. Successful projects are selected by a panel of young people.

A wide range of projects have been produced from sculptures, film, embroidery, paintings and poetry… to ariel silk performances and even a steel band!

Grow Wild youth takeover exhibition at Summerhall, Edinburgh 2017

Grow Wild Get Creative Youth Takeover at Riverfront Arts Centre, Newport

We’ve funded and supported over 258 young people to run their own creative project since 2014.

They’ve been brilliant. And 93% would recommend us too. They’ve brought together tens of thousands of people to take positive actions to safeguard nature and learn life skills.

 “We’ve belonged to something as part of a bigger picture and because everybody’s ideas were listened to, it gave us confidence.”

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Esther and the eco-youth forum in Macclesfield engaged hundreds of people in making eco-bricks. Together they created an amazing wildflower planter.
Eco-bricks wildflower youth project - Macclesfield 2019

Noah used his funding to create a children's corner in a community cafe, connecting people to wildlife and nature.
Noah's Hedgerow Conservation Project - Birstall 2019

Isa and his team at the Yusuf Youth Initiative used their funding to connect people with Scotland’s indigenous and natural foods.
There's a Weed in my Soup! Dundee project 2019

Groups have also taken over national exhibition spaces in Scotland and Wales to display and perform their work. That’s not all… spaces, like this youth centre in Knowsley have been transformed with the energy, creativity and leadership of the young people we've funded.

Find out how even more young people have been growing wild by browsing our blog, or go directly to the project blog posts:

Cardiff Met natural dye
Edinburgh Green Room
Catherine’s success in Dunclug Primary School
Amber’s allotment photography
Alina’s photography exhibition
Luisa’s wildflower meadow in Mold