Insect & bug spotting

Wildflower spaces are brimming with life - and spotting exactly which creatures your flowers have attracted is incredibly satisfying. Not sure what you've found? Don't worry, our friends at Buglife have given us some handy activities to help you. 

Pollinator Identification Chart

This chart will help you to identify and learn more about pollinating invertebrates like bumblebees, beetles, butterflies and moths. Download here.

Picture of pollinator spotting sheet

Bug Identification Chart

The Bug Identification Chart can help you find out where the bug you have found fits within the wider animal kingdom. Download here

Picture of Buglife Bug identification chart

'What might move in' guide

This guide contains lots of detailed information about the common insects you'll find in wildflower spaces. Download here

Picture of What might move in guide


Don't forget to share photos and videos of what you find using the hashtag #GrowWild.