How to nurture your seedlings

Once you’ve sown your seeds, the magic begins!

Depending on the weather and season, tiny green shoots should appear within a couple of weeks - just follow our simple guidelines to boost your space.

Care for your space

seedlings in a container

  • Seeds sit on or very near the soil's surface, so can dry out in warm, dry or windy weather. Keep the ground moist, particularly after sowing and while the seedlings are establishing. 
  • Protect your seeds by crafting your own bird scarers from CDs.
  • Watch for hungry snails and slugs on your wildflower space. Bare, open spaces away from damp, dark hiding places are less likely to be affected. 
  • Check your space for weeds - if they emerge, gently trace the stems down and slowly remove them. 
  • Be patient: if this is your first year of sowing wildflower seeds, please bear in mind that any perennials  won't flower until next year. 
  • Invite friends over to enjoy the space and share photos online with fellow Grow Wilders.

How your seeds will develop

Here’s what to expect over the next 20 weeks.

  • Week 1:  Sow seeds, label your site and wait.
  • Weeks 2 - 4:  See the first shoots of life emerge. Don’t forget to water the soil if it looks dry. 
  • Weeks 4 - 12:  Watch seedlings transform into adult plants. 
  • Weeks 12 - 14:  Flower buds are formed.
  • Weeks 14 - 16:  The first blooms appear. 
  • Week 16 onwards:  Have all the plants in the mix appeared? Are there any strangers present? Check out beat the weeds to help you identify some common weeds that may appear.
  • Weeks 16 - 20:  Enjoy your display at its peak and spot some of the insects and bugs that are also making the most of your wild flower space. 
  • Week 20 onwards:  The flowers fade and produce seed that will be scattered by the wind and grow into plants for next year – this is the start of a magical, never-ending life cycle. Find out how to care for your space after the flowers have finished. 

Why not share pictures of your seedlings with us using the hashtag #GrowWild