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Bring colour to your life in 2020! Help our bees and other pollinators. 

Find out how to grow wildflowers with our free advice. We'll email you step-by-step guidance to walk you through what to do and how to do it for flowers next year. 

Join the 50,000 people that Grow Wild will help grow and enjoy UK native wildflowers in containers and small urban spaces. No growing experience required! 

This is thanks to Jo Malone London - fellow wildflower enthusiasts.

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*Update (10th September 2019):
After thousands and thousands of requests, we've allocated all our free seeds packets for Autumn 2019! We love that so many people want to get involved. Thank you. Look out for an email to see if you'll receive seeds by early October (T&Cs). If you don't or you're signing up today, help is at hand, as we'll tell you where to get your own seeds to sow this Autumn or next Spring.

Close up of bright yellow corn marigolds and purple blue cornflowers in a field

Who loves wildflowers?

We do! Hopefully you will too after sowing wildflower seeds with us this Autumn. (Yes, you can sow seeds in Autumn… we’ll tell you how!)

We’d like to thank Jo Malone London for their support of Grow Wild, the national community learning initiative of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, which brings people together to value and enjoy wildflowers.

Jo Malone London has long drawn fragrant inspiration from the glorious wildflowers that blanket the beautiful British countryside. The very existence of wildflowers remind us that life can be unexpectedly beautiful, yet their beauty is in danger as wildflowers are in decline. 

Partnering with Jo Malone London will enable Grow Wild to share its knowledge about growing and enjoying wildflowers across the UK, improving urban and unloved spaces and promoting health and wellbeing.

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