Information for Supporting Organisations

Please note: applications for youth funding are not currently open.

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In the meantime, here's some information about how the application process works:

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Grow Wild Youth Project funding is a youth-led process for people aged 14-25 to deliver a creative project that engages their community, inspired by UK native wildflowers and fungi.

Except for young people with additional needs, or who need more support, we encourage the young person applying to take responsibility for the project.

Each applicant must identify a Supporting Organisation to work with them. This is because Grow Wild is not able to make payment to individuals, and because some young people will need a little help to manage and deliver their project.

Grow Wild is led by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew as part of its outreach work.


As a Supporting Organisation you must be:

  • An established and relevant organisation that is charitable in purpose or not for profit. In particular:

Voluntary, youth or community group.
Education body (excluding primary schools)
Arts charity
Local Authority or other council body
Health Authority

  • Able to provide a member of staff or volunteer to:

liaise with Grow Wild,
support the young person as required, e.g. access to facilities and equipment, publicity of activities, advice and guidance.

  • Financially responsible for the project with:

a bank account in the name of their organisation, or in the name of a local authority/other public sector body where relevant.

The following organisations are not eligible:

  • Private businesses that operate for profit and have no social purpose.
  • Organisations with a solely commercial purpose.
Responsibilities of the Supporting Organisation

Grow Wild recognises that the level of support that young people will need to deliver their project will vary according to their age, abilities and needs.

Section 1 outlines the responsibilities that all Supporting Organisations must adhere to.
Section 2 outlines additional responsibilities for Supporting Organisations that are working with young people under 18, individuals and groups with additional needs and/or vulnerable adults

Section 1

It is the responsibility of all Supporting Organisations to:

  • receive the grant award on behalf of the young person applying
  • ensure that the funding is spent in the way outlined in the application
  • contact Grow Wild if you become aware that the project is not being delivered as planned
  • meet and discuss the project with the young person, providing advice and guidance as required
  • ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone participating in the project.

As part of this responsibility, Grow Wild will need to see a copy of the following documents before funding will be released:

  • Constitution (or a similar document agreed by the group) with the group’s purpose and objectives, or evidence that the organisation is part of a Local Authority or other public sector body

Copies of the following documents and evidence of relevant disclosure checks (specific to the country) may also be requested if an application is successful:

  • Equal opportunities policy
  • Health and safety policy
  • Public liability insurance suitable for the proposed project
  • Volunteering guidelines (if important to the project)
  • Safeguarding policy (if important to the project).

Section 2

Where the project is working with young people under 18, individuals and groups with additional needs and/or vulnerable adults, it is the additional responsibility of the Supporting Organisation to:

  • ensure that the parent/guardian of the young person applying to Grow Wild is aware of the project and has given consent for their child to be the nominated project leader (*see note below)
  • ensure that all young people (in any of the groups outlined above) who feature in the video application have consent from a parent/guardian to take part
  • ensure consent for all young people under 18 to participate in activities delivered as part of the project (including the application video)
  • ensure that all staff and volunteers working with the project have a disclosure check (that is relevant for their UK location and related activities), and have received the appropriate training to support the group and activities
  • ensure the project is accessible to all participants – with specific consideration of groups and individuals with additional needs (** see note below)
  • safeguard children under 18 and/or vulnerable adults whilst they are taking part in the project (including any related online and social media activity).

* Due to Kew’s data protection and safeguarding policies, where the project leader is under 18, Grow Wild will always contact you as the Supporting Organisation in all communications about the project leader’s application and, if funded, the project.

** If you are supporting an application from young people with additional needs, please contact your Grow Wild Engagement Manager with any specific considerations that will need to be made. Click here for contact details.

Video applications

Grow Wild uses video for young people to apply for the youth funding. This is to enable them to be creative and have fun during the application process. Applicants will upload the video and then share a link with Grow Wild. The application videos are only watched by staff at Grow Wild and the panel of young people who decide which projects will be funded.

Information if applicant is under 18

As part of our commitment to Safeguarding and Data Protection we only communicate with young people about their project; they will receive no further contact from Grow Wild. Where the project leader is under 18, we use email to communicate and always work through the Supporting Organisation.

For under 18s, we expect most projects to be developed with a group such as a school, youth club or activity group.

Consent to take part

The Supporting Organisation is responsible for ensuring that all young people involved in the project application, and project activities (if successful) have parent/guardian consent to take part. In the case of the project leader, this consent should also cover sharing of personal data with Grow Wild.

In the application form we will be asking the named representative of the Supporting Organisation to declare that they have contacted all parents with a child under 18 involved in the project and have consent to share the image of all the young people involved in the application video. When they are under 18, the nominated project leader will be contacted through the Supporting Organisation during the application process.

This information is also available as a PDF for download (click here).